Crane Rail Services

The Crane Rail Division is a full service team. This division can provide complete design, installation, dismantling, inspection, surveying and maintenance for all types of crane rail systems; ground rails on wood ties, concrete ties, concrete beams with steel plates, and steel incased concrete beams, overhead bridge crane rails, crane trolley rails and precision machine rails. This team is qualified to perform work on nuclear service crane rails for all our nuclear qualified customers.

  • Overhead crane rail
  • Ground crane rail
    • Concrete Foundation
    • Concrete crosstie foundation
    • Concrete trench
    • Wood crossties
    • Precision grouting epoxy and cementisous
  • Expansion Joints
  • Anchor systems for crane rail runways
  • Crane rail emergency repairs
  • Crane rail design and maintenance systems (overhead and ground)
  • Survey of crane rail systems
  • Realignment of crane rail
  • Crane rail support girder beams and columns
  • Diagnostic evaluation of crane rail system issues
  • Thermite and Flash-Butt welding
  • Stick welding crane rails
  • Installation procedure
  • Safety procedure
  • Specialty crane rail anchor systems
  • Tamping crane rail procedure

Specifically designed tamper to overcome third rail systems and machine tamp crane rail track without an adjoining rail for a rail bound tamper