All of H & B’s employees receive comprehensive and continuous safety training. H & B has a safety record that exceeds the industry’s standards, and it is one that has received numerous awards, such as the Northrop Grumman Newport News Safety Contractor of the Year award.

H & B’s safety department monitors and trains its employees on a monthly basis. Weekly toolbox sessions are held with all the crew. These sessions require 100% company participation. Annual CPR, First Aid, and driving seminars are a few examples of other programs H & B has in place to provide continuous training for its employees. H & B also instituted a safety initiative program that rewards employees for their efforts in working safely.

Annually, H & B usually is rated “very high” by its customers for H & B’s safety program, training, and record. Moreover, many of H & B’s contractors and several of its customers have used H & B as their standard for contractor safety.

H & B’s formula for safety success is a team effort in which it combines a desire for a safe workplace with the training and expectations provided by H & B’s Safety Management Inc. Safety Management Inc. is H & B’s safety company and insurance company. This entity, along with the cooperation of supervisors and employees, results in a safety committed company. H & B views safety as a “way of life,” not a passing fancy.